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IT Support & Services

We take care of your compliance

Our IT experts have created a custom-built a simple and user-friendly ‘Customer Portal’, this optimised portal allows our clients access to all their necessary details to stay VAT Compliant and to meet their VAT obligations on time. While providing our clients with – archiving, editing, tracking, alerts and notifications, BI reporting and easy access to information.

Being a web-based portal using Microsoft Azure, it provides our clients with everything they need, for whatever EU country they are selling in, along with creating automation of transaction processing. Once you have received your secure client details you can use immediately, without any implementation or set-up required. You will also be able to upload your data via a couple of options, depending of the size of files, so everything is there on your own business VAT compliant dashboard.

As well as our IT support for clients, we have ‘Integrations’ with various expert companies from online trading interface specialists, to reporting VAT data to, ERP modular system specialists who effectively integrate multiple platforms and applications, which are all intended for our clients selling domestically and internationally through Amazon, Allegro, eBay, Amazon FBA, and eCommerce stores.

amavat® invests considerably in technology and R&D. Our objective is to eradicate the complexity involved in managing your VAT compliance and to generate an environment that allows you to manage your digital transformation.